Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Environment, UNDP and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Cambodia are discussing a draft environmental report. Fourth National Assembly to gather elements in compiling datasheets and scientific information on the environment and Natural resources for scholars to research and use as a basis for education on environmental issues in Cambodia.

Secretary of State for the Ministry of Environment Neth Pheaktra said during a discussion on the draft report on August 31 that the report This 4th National Environmental Situation is a compilation of basic data and information science documents. Stress about the environment and natural resources.

This arrangement is for students, researchers, managers, community planners, industry, investors. National-international affairs are used as a basis for education, environmental knowledge, decision-making, management and Make action plans to achieve sustainable development in line with national political programs.

He said that the environment is a multi-sectoral and multi-skilled work, which in this sense requires a lot of cooperation from Ministries and related institutions to get as much input as possible and consensus . He said the report included seven main environmental topics, including air quality, climate change. Elements, water (freshwater and seawater), soil quality, biodiversity (forest, wildlife), food safety and Residues (solids and liquids).

"This report is the fourth national environmental situation report scheduled to be completed in 2022," he said. Separately, this report has been prepared and published three times, the first time in 1994. The second in 2005 and the third in 2019.

Chuop Paris, Director General of Knowledge and Environmental Information of the Ministry of Environment, also said on August 31 that the report needed to be There is a clear scientific indicator of statistical data. Essentials for the report will become valuable documents that can be used as a reference base and even stored It is the primary evidence that serves as an acceptable collective message about the current environmental situation. In Cambodia.

"We report this in two languages, Khmer and English, and we hope it is a report," he said. One that is scientific, has accurate data, is acceptable and is used by all parties. Ministries, institutions, scholars and the general public, the important thing is that we do not want to be Controversial information related to environmental information.

He added that the Ministry of Environment has set out to modernize institutions, environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and livelihoods. Sustainability is a pillar and foundation for policy making, strategic planning and planning. Activities.

Nick BERESFORD, UNDP Country Representative in Cambodia, also stated that the 4th National Environment Report Significant political, economic, environmental and development values, social values ​​and capacity building Officials through the process of preparing this report.

He added that the training of human resources and capacity building of relevant officials will continue. To build the capacity of successors to prepare further reports on the national environmental situation .

"This report provides a better understanding of environmental trends," he said. Affect the social and environmental environment and change the situation and show the effectiveness of responding to pressure and impact Many other environments. ”