Phnom Penh: HE Ith Sam Heng, Minister of Labor considered The Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institute has played a very important role and is an indispensable partner in the economic, social and human resource development in Cambodia.
According to HE Ith Sam Heng, he met with the Association of Technical and Vocational Higher Education Institutions led by HE Nop Norin as President on the morning of the 14th. This July 2020 at the Ministry of Labor.
The Minister promised to find a suitable time to visit and encourage all the institutes that are closing their training schools. The body has been affected by the global epidemic of Kovid 19 for some time.

His Excellency Nop Norin, President of the Association of Technical and Vocational Higher Education Institutions, presented the progress of the Association over the past two years in Participation in social activities as well as highlighting some of the challenges the association has faced and requesting the reopening of the institute Under the control of the Ministry and request to recruit students to return to school in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor.

HE Ith Sam Heng said that what can make the institute move forward depends on the situation of Kovid 19, how relieved it is. Because it is currently attacking many countries, both developed and developing countries, which poses a challenge to the market, economy and tourism.

The Minister reminded that in the past, the Royal Government has managed the situation of the spread of Kovid 19 very well. All the requests of the members of the association related to the reopening of the school were accepted and submitted to the Royal Government for decision, but if With the permission of the Royal Government, it is necessary to ensure high hygiene conditions and establish a team to inspect all schools. The state and the private sector will be suspended immediately if it is found that the guidelines have not been followed properly. In relation to this association, it is necessary to strengthen ourselves to compete with other associations, it is important to have good internal unity and mobilize all institutions to be In the same association to jointly improve the quality of education and vocational training in response to the 4.0 industrial context.

At the same time, HE Dr. Pech Sophoan, Permanent Secretary of State, said that the most important step in this phase is the transfer of knowledge online, which is a mechanism that can Solve the problems of institutes and schools, because Kovid 19 may continue for a long time, so far no country has shown The vaccine actually cures that yet.
However, the Secretary of State requested the Association to continue to strengthen the ability to teach and learn digitally in the future with the development of world technology. He ensures competitiveness at both the national and international levels.