Phnom Penh: Minister of Commerce Pan Soysak led the meetingThe Commission drafted the draft Law, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, and the Law on Commercial Law for the purpose of monitoring the work progress. The 10 subcommittees are under this committee.

During the meeting, the Minister noted the progress made in drafting laws and regulations related to trade, especially the preparation of Other legal documents related to the law, such as the e-commerce law and the Consumer Protection Act.

In addition, the Minister highly appreciated the efforts of the Subcommittee on drafting the Competition Law and the Food Law. Will reach the end soon.
Additionally, the Minister and the whole Meeting listened to progress reports of other subcommittees, including the Subcommittee on Implementation: the Draft Law. On Commercial Contracts, Assessment of Impact of Legal Documents, Draft Law on Guaranteed Operating and Bankruptcy Law , Draft Law on Commercial Rules and Trade List and Commercial Enterprise Law, Draft Law on Intellectual Property and Draft Law Commercial Agencies.

The Minister encouraged and recommended some recommendations to all Sub-Committees to carry out the draft Draft targets. Laws and Regulations aiming at further development of Cambodia's legal system under the Cambodian trade sector As well as fulfilling Cambodia's legal reform obligations under the WTO Agreement and other agreements with which Cambodia is a signatory.

By: Beauty