Phnom Penh: Last night at 7:50 pm on 31st January 2020 At the point of Kosak massage shop (Lili) in Kbal Domrei village, Kacak village 2, Por Sen Chey district, Phnom Penh, a dispute arose. Massage Girl With Massage Arrives On 6 Ammunition To Release A Motorcycle From A Massage Shop Because No Money Makes Massage Stunned by the great hajjan.

Until 4:00 pm, February 6, 2020, six days a gunman was shot by Phnom Penh military police in Phnom Penh. Por Sen Chey in cooperation with the Phnom Penh Municipal Armed Forces Criminal Division to conduct further research Identify the fugitive sign to Koh Kong province Phnom Penh Municipal Police Force Continues to Collaborate with Koh Kong Provincial Armed Forces In Phnom Penh alone.

According to Phnom Penh's Armed Forces Expertise, a suspect named Lon Chivon, a military officer, confessed to the motive behind the shooting. It was because, at first, on his birthday, he didn't have a horse and he decided to get a scratch in the upper Manhattan when he entered. In the dressing room, the robes were removed The snail, who had been in the trunk with his body, touched his body and clasped his genitals, and himself The woman, who knew that she was gay, stopped her and pushed her away. Struggles to tear apart torn and broken skin because of gayness The factory was angry and went outside to reserve the motorbike, but the shop owner refused to let him go. He could demand around 10 Riels and he would facilitate 5,000 Riels but he was not in the massage parlor. Just then, the strongman decided to go with a gun in the community and shoot the bullets in the place. The air, the number of 06 goals to take the bike back into it. After firing, the body was shot back into the body, unmoved, and went to hide. Lot No. 10 Khan Russei Keo One night, then escape to Oddar Meanchey province 4 days later, hiding in Russey Keo district For the last two days, they escaped to Koh Kong province at the point of Chiang Saing Village. Koh Kong salt authority was also arrested by the Armed Forces for their arrest in Phnom Penh's Armed Forces. Just like the old adage says, Gok can be stacked, but the stack never flinches, no matter how smart the suspect is. Nor can they escape from the pursuit of talent.