Phnom Penh: The morning of June 29th at the Ministry of MinistryA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Ministry of Health and Metfone has been officially launched, in which Metfone It will launch other IT programs and other ICT solutions in the health sector.

The event was chaired by HE Dr. O Vandin, Secretary of State and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and the leaders of Metfone and you More representatives from both sides.
The MOU aims to open up opportunities and potentials for the development of HealthTech's ecosystem towards improving health in the country. Cambodia, which promotes equitable distribution of medical resources and improves health services for the people.

Metfone and the Ministry of Health have agreed to deploy specific work areas, such as the introduction of online health technology software systems, Connects with government and ministry
Health with the people on health care advice and updating the state of the disease throughout the country.
Implementation of the Infrared Internet and Video Infrastructure for 25 Capital / Provinces to Run a Remote Access to Health Care System And high speed. Implementation of TeleHealth System and other IT applications to equip people with knowledge about health care measures and common preventive measures .
Deployment of mobile phone numbers for 25 capital cities to connect doctors and health workers with people in need.
Collaborate on creating a short code for easy access to funds, such as in the case of a Covid-19 pandemic or other illness. This offer is not limited to other digital solution services.

Speaking with the event, Mr. Fung Van Koeung, CEO of Metfone, said: “With our view as executive. Cares – Highly Innovative ”Metfone takes care of our customers as well as all Cambodians.

For example, he said that since the inception of the Covid-19 pandemic, Metfone has been involved
Government, other ministries and the Cambodian people to combat Covid-19 disease with a range of activities, including Covid-19 Disease Funding, video system Confound, Free Internet, etc. With this strategic partnership, we anticipate that Metfone will continue to use ICT technologies and solutions to enhance operations And the effectiveness of the Ministry of Health and leading people towards a better life. ”
“Metfone has the confidence as a limited operator to carry out this project because of its experience Its already deploying these projects in 10 other countries around the world and the largest network infrastructure in the world In Cambodia, there are more than 11,000 towers with 23,000 kilometers of cable stations covering all residential areas.
Metfone is also a pioneer in bringing technology to all businesses, families and everyone. From 3G, 4G to 5G technology and FTTx Ultra-Wide Fiber Cable smart cities, digital solutions, digital transformation for businesses, communities and society. ”
In response, HE Dr. O Vandin, Secretary of State and spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, expressed his thanks to Metfone for their support. Contribute to health during Covid-19 pandemic and under all circumstances.
Lok Chum Teav has set high expectations for Metfone to successfully implement IT and ICT solutions for the Ministry of Health, in particular; For Cambodia in general. In addition, she expects that Metfone will continue to provide more solutions to implement in the future.