So far, little word of dispute has been droppedAgree until you reach the landlord, especially the son, take the pregnant woman 4 months (your brother) Rent a room) cling to your door like a wild animal in a rage And fleeing after this vicious and even violent violence After the speech on the poor, want to sue, sue.

Even though both sides have already justified themselves by giving interviews with journalists, the public Most still show support for victims, because even though they are serious about it, homeowners should never use vile images. This is especially true of women, especially women There is also a pregnancy where the law must be fair to him, which will not allow rich people to continue to act. Such an act of society is free.

Meanwhile, witnessing this disgusting act and showing great sympathy for the pregnant woman Above captive as a creature, a charitable landlord announces to his family to stay in a rented apartment He is free for one year at a time Do not think he is able or not able to.

According to a Facebook account, Socheat Heang, a landlord at a KUI factory, posted: 4 months pregnant by landlady bound to krama If I cannot afford to pay my rent or not, then I can come to my room (no rent for one year). Located on the QMI 1st Street, you can call me on 096 7777066.

Phnom Penh Municipal Police Commissioner said that the suspect, who arrested a pregnant woman with her hands in towel, came to light at the Police Inspectorate Po Sen Chey district is now interrogating authorities for a record.

Pur Senchey district governor Hem Darith said that the suspect, who had been pregnant with a towel on May 5 April 2020 has arrived at the police station. By: Hong Hong