Kampong Speu: A suspect whose wife claims to have suffered from mental illness years ago used a machete to cut an older boy 1-year-old man dies and beheads himself in Ampil Paem village, Roleang Chak commune, Samrong Tong district, Kampong Speu province on March 14 He is being treated at Kampong Speu Provincial Hospital by police.

Phok Sambath, director of the Kampong Speu Provincial Police Technical and Scientific Office, said yesterday that the suspect, Eang Radophet The 40-year-old man has a wife and three children, the eldest son is 16 years old and the youngest daughter is 6 years old. Accident named P.D.N, 1 year and 2 months old, with a mother named P. ស. ន. 30-year-old garment factory worker whose father, 30-year-old P.S.N., lives in the same village On.

"The suspect is being treated for his injuries, but our authorities are still guarding him in the hospital room," he said. Because after cutting the child, the suspect cut himself. So he was also injured.
According to Mr. Sambath, the child victim was stabbed in the head with a knife and a knife in the neck. The child died instantly at the scene.

Mr. Yav Kan, the police chief of Roleang Chak commune, told the mother of the child victim yesterday that between the perpetrator's house (built from Zinc brick floor) and the house of the child victim opposite each other in the village-commune above and before the incident At around 1 pm on March 14, the child victim was walking near the suspect's house.

Suddenly, the suspect left his house with a machete in his hand to cut the victim's head. A knife and a knife made the child fall asleep at the scene.

At that time, the mother, grandmother and aunt of the child victim chased the suspect while the child victim was already dead. .

After the provocation, the suspect ran back into his house with a knife and the villagers reported to the authorities Acts.

Samrong Tong District Police Chief Khuth Sophal led the force to the scene.

At first, the police tried to call the suspect to surrender to the police, but the suspect refused to leave the house. It took the police almost two hours to get the results, so the Sam Samoun provincial commissioner ordered the special forces of the commission. Kampong Speu provincial police fired a smoke bomb into the house, making the suspect choke on smoke, and then the police arrested him.

He said: "At that time, the suspect was holding a knife in his hand, and if we enter without using skill. The suspects cut our authority, ”he said.

Pin Kim, 38, the suspect's wife, said yesterday that her husband was a driver. The truck has been carrying the body and has been suffering from mental illness since 2012.

When she found out that her husband had such an abnormal mind, she took him to the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital for a check-up. Doctors said her husband was mentally ill, and since then her husband has been prescribed medication. For many years.

But after taking the medicine without any results, she took her husband back to the Khmer doctor for treatment again, and the Khmer teacher told him Her husband was in a coma because he was the driver of the hearse and the spirits were inside. Her husband did not leave.

"I was looking for both Cambodian teachers and doctors, but I still couldn't find them," she said. My husband is always looking for me, so I bring my children to live with my birth mother. But once a week I bring my children to visit him. He still has the spirit of remembering to call the names of all the children correctly. "But I also did not expect that my husband's disease would progress to the point of killing children."

She stated that because her husband had such an illness, she left him at home alone with his father. His mother has a house nearby to help him with his daily meals.

The knife that her husband used to cut the child was used to cut firewood that had been in the house for a long time. For the boy who died, the mother must also be a cousin of her husband, not a distant relative.