Recently EZECOM launched its new internet service, MegaSurf, which offers users a high-speed internet package and a special service option that makes the Internet a solution. First full WiFi in Cambodia!

The MegaSurf Internet project has many attractive features, both in terms of technology, cost and promotion. The first attraction is the ability to fully manage your home's WiFi network. MegaSurf is different from other home broadband plans because this is the first time EZECOM brings Mesh WiFi technology to users in Cambodia and enables them to manage their own WiFi networks in their home via EzeWiFi.

Now, let's take a look at the internet speed option offered by MegaSurf. The Small to Big Speed ​​package is a 30 Mbps package for $ 29 / month, a 50 Mbps package for $ 49 / month and a 100 Mbps package for $ 69 / month. Clearly, the MegaSurf project is designed for users with high internet access and multi-member families. Also, the speed of the Internet is fast enough for all activities of download and upload as well as for other related services such as the company's OTT TV internet service.

The second important point we have to mention is Mesh WiFi technology! This is the latest WiFi router technology that allows you to wirelessly transfer data to your various digital devices, making your Internet faster, faster and smoother, especially in the face of “empty space”. The "dead zone" occurs when WiFi networks broadcasting from different routers overlap one another, making Internet service at that location unavailable.

This Mesh WiFi technology is also the key that allows users to take an in-depth control of their WiFi network through a special program, EzeWiFi. EzeWiFi is a mobile application that manages all the router on your WiFi network, such as reset password and check access.

Not only this, the software is smart to help protect your WiFi network from being compromised by alerting and blocking high-risk activities and operations. One of the most common features that many users have long wanted to see is the ability to disable inappropriate or inappropriate content on the device of the child and other users in the family. It really is an attractive function for every guardian among many useful functions.

Last but not least, the company is now having a special promotion where users can get a total of three free Mesh WiFi router worth $ 195. Anyway, if you want to try the MegaSurf plan, don't delay, as this special promotion is coming to the end of July 2020!

You can find more information about MegaSurf Internet plans on EZECOM's official Or you can call EZECOM's 24-hour customer service hotline at 023 23 81 81 and 085 88 81 81.