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Battambang: Three gangs of thieves who were involved in the "seizure" robbery have been recruited by the Criminal Office Makes light of the arrest on the afternoon of 24 April, when the group was gathering at the corner of a thousand fields. Located in Chamkar Samrong village, Sangkat Chamkar Samrong, Battambang city .

Choung Kim Song, director of the mild-mannered police department, said that after the initial arrests, the responders responded. Confirming other factions fleeing, the provincial commissioner ordered the force to intervene in the Office of Criminal Investigation Arrested Other perpetrators robbed and hijacked some 03 others.

These three people are: 1 – Vong Kimlong, 32 year old male, in Anhchanh village, O'Char commune, Battambang town, Battambang province Thi Sok Phat, a 17-year-old male from Prek Khpap commune, Ek Phnom district, and a 3-year-old Krat Sophy Park in Samrong village. Snor commune, Samrong district, Ek Phnom district.

Chhoeung Kim Song said that the force was under control as the group was meeting to prepare to act. Theft on a quiet street in the suburbs. With this arrest, a special officer confiscated two black Honda Dream Seels 125 motorbikes (by the way) Riding action) 2 knives, one iphone xs max (victim's).

According to preliminary answers, they confessed to the cops that they were with a few other perpetrators, whom the police cracked down on The day before was one faction. The group has been active since the beginning of January so far. Offenses that they commit "hijack and rob" passengers on the street, and whether night or day, they Wherever they are, they act as if they have the opportunity.

Chhoeung Kim Song confirmed that the gang was very much a faction and that there are still many factions that officials have. The skills are crumbling, but they are hiding. However, experts are now questioning the three suspects to file a case for trial.