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According to the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, on the afternoon of March 23, Chinese medical experts immediately arrived in Phnom Penh. Meeting with Prof. Dr. Mam Bunheng, Minister of Health, Ministry of Health
Government of Cambodia. He also advised on the Government's policy and measures to prevent the disease COVID-19, and advised on the situation The virus currently exists in Cambodia. Remember: The presence of the seven Chinese doctors who came to Cambodia was warmly welcomed

Chinese medical experts say that the romance between China and Cambodia is like an unbreakable communal destiny. Not at all. In this critical situation, Chinese medical experts are appointed by the Chinese government to help prevent the virus in the country Every member of Cambodia has a high responsibility and a noble mission.

We will all be updating our work plans in a timely and targeted way based on the latest news Reported by Cambodian side for easy access to fight and prevent disease with COVID-19 and comment Provides guidance in treating patients .