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Battambang Province: Announcement of Transfer of Duty, Assignment and Appointment to National Police Battalion No. 819 32, on the afternoon of April 24, 2020 at the Police Battalion Headquarters, Unit 819, Kamri District, Battambang Province .

Brigadier General Sao Samon, Human Resources Planning Commissioner, represents Lieutenant General Uch Sokhon, Commissioner of Police of Battambang Province and Deputy Commander of National Police, Region 5, presided over the handover ceremony The police officers are in front of the cow gate No. 819 with the participation in the ceremony, and local government officials, armed forces around the various entities involved.

After the welcoming report of Colonel Mursi, Commander of the Border Patrol, No. 819, Colonel Wei Kim Sim, Chief of Staff of Battambang Provincial Police Department, read Prakas of the Ministry of Interior and the decision of the National Police Task Transfer Announcement Title and rank of officers: 32 land border officers: 1 – 1 Lieutenant-Colonel, 2 Lieutenant-Commander, 3 Vice-Admirals, 4-Class Lieutenants One lieutenant, 1 lieutenant colonel;

Brigadier General Sao Samon brought a courtesy call from Lt. General Ouch Sokhon, Commissioner of Police of Battambang Province, and Deputy Commander of National Police, Region 5, to all the police forces present here for their efforts. National duty of the people Standards in the past.

Brigadier General has advised the newly-promoted police force to continue to serve the nation. Citizens must strictly adhere to the discipline of the national police, maintain internal solidarity, organization and solidarity with Authorities Local stakeholders. Finally, Brigadier General advised the police forces to take preventive measures to protect themselves and their families. Covid-19 infections are an added burden.