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Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, 27, was laid off as a priest at Kyampisi Masjid Noor mosque in Kayunga after his wife, who is married to two. Weeks was caught stealing TV from a neighbor.

The theft is not what caused the suspension but from his wife Swabullah Nabukeera in fact A man. Mr Mutumba is said to have been interested in his wife's gender in the past, but is now surprised Seriously. Despite marrying an unknown gender, his superiors at the mosque still make the decision Hang his name to keep the faith of their faith.

Mutumba and his young bride got married at an Islamic ceremony last month. Pictures taken at the event show the newlyweds smiling and surrounded by family and friends.

Amisi Kibunga, who works at the Kyampisi Masjid Noor mosque, told the Daily Monitor that he and most of the people who met Mutumba's bride were all Deceived by her voice and attitude.

"He has a soft voice and walks like a woman," Kibunga said. Mut Mutumba complains that four days after the wedding, his new bride refused to take off his clothes while they were sleeping. She also carried out her usual duties as cooking, cleaning and laundry. So her husband has no doubt. ”

The truth came when Mutumba's wife stole a TV and some clothes from one of her neighbors. When police appeared on the scene, they did a physical search to see if the woman was hiding. No. It was later discovered that she was in fact a man.

The fraudster reportedly admitted that his real name was Richard Tumushabe and that he had married Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba for the purpose of stealing money. He. The investigation is ongoing.