Svay Rieng Province: Department of Culture and Fine Arts of Svay Rieng Province on the morning of the 13th The March, 2020, cultural event will be held on March 22, 2020, under the chairmanship of "Youth for Culture", presided over by Mrs. Srey Sovannara. Deputy Governor of Svay Rieng Province, Ms. Eagle Nary, Director of Provincial Department of Culture and Fine Arts, as well as the Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Organizations Many of the students are students.

Ms. Indary, director of the Svay Rieng Provincial Department of Culture and Art, said that according to the implementation of the Smart Tourism Act KRT 4, dated February 26, 2020, Royal Government of Cambodia on the Organizing of National Cultural Exhibition, March 22nd, 2020, subject to Youth To culture is to aim at the shoulders Young people develop love and spirit to become more involved in transferring their knowledge and skills in cultural arts Nationally, it should be stable.

On this occasion, Ek Sovannarak, Deputy Governor said that National Culture Day is an important national day which the Royal Government always cherishes. It is held every year for the purpose of commemorating the Nobel Peace Prize and the great accomplishments of our ancestors. Leave a rich legacy for all of us as children Yunnan and Kongvara are temples, rock temples, literary monuments, art, traditions, and so on.

She said that all of these cultural treasures came from the efforts of our ancestors and became a revered identity. National potential and heritage have great potential for contributing to socioeconomic development. Culture is the basis of social economic development, as the slogan states, "a culture is dead, a culture is dissolved, a culture is growing." Culture is the soul of the nation, so we, especially the youth of Bamboo, must come together for the protection of the glory, for these are the heritage of Our precious Khmer culture is priceless by: Waiko