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Kampot: Many families in Khvav village, Champei commune, Angkor Chey district are busy with their hatching and hatching eggs. It is then sold to a local retailer.

Chhay Dam, 34, of Khieu Pavi village, Champei commune, told reporters this morning. This means that many Khvav villagers are busy hugging their eggs to sell their eggs.

Chhay says that the eggs are hollowed out by the villagers and the villagers are very far from the nest. Various mountain ranges are known, such as mountain and small forest such as Sen Han mountain, Siamese mountain in Banteay Meas and Angkor Chey district. In the Vines and Kep mountains, Khvav villagers used to explore, no space, she said.

She said that the nest egg hunts for eggs and hens in the mountains of Kampot. It's all over. With a motorbike as a way. Chhay Phreng says that the price of the testicles is not depreciated per kilogram, at 25,000 riel. This is for sale only for customers who want to buy it and can be resold on the market for 1 kg 3 cm 5 Thousands of Riels.

Villagers tell that the hunters lay eggs, lay eggs, and sell no fewer than 10 eggs in each group And each family earns less than 100,000 riel of egg per day.

Another villager also said that Khvav villagers, who have a nest egg hatching, lay eggs to collect each egg Less than 3 years, all the skills and the skills to find a sales pitcher. Some had just hatched a hatchet and had gone to other jobs before the outbreak They did not have a job anymore, as they were riding their motorbikes on a motorbike Eggs sell just like they do. Khvav villagers are still complaining about the nest because of deforestation.

Traders say the business spends just as much energy and time all day hiking through the jungle looking for a nest. He says no matter how much is left because eggs and chefs are very popular.

For shavers, they consist of a bamboo pole 4 to 5 meters long, tied with a plastic container or bag. At the end, drop the cable just half a meter from the end of the bamboo. There is about half a cup of water in the container. If using a bag, get a damp cloth. When they see the nests, they take a bamboo shoot from the bottom and shake it hard.

No matter how many eggs and hatchlings fall into the container, the water is trapped behind the nest and transferred Another bag and this will continue as long as the nest is played. (Edited by: Bopha)