Takeo Manulife has created a smileHope for 45 students at Prey Khmum Primary School in Som commune, Kirivong district, Takeo province, near the Vietnam border Study materials and school buildings. Distribution of this course material was made on February 15, 2020, including material such as the provision of wheelchairs for students. Thirty-two units of learning materials were used for the study of 45 children in grades 1 through 3.

Speaking on the distribution of study materials to poor rural students, Ms. Kan Nara, Head of Marketing and Customer Service Manulife said it has always been a focus of humane programs to help children, especially underprivileged children, to create smiles. And one hope to They, and all donors expected the younger students, and efforts to learn its prospects in the future. "The humanitarian program continues to support disadvantaged children, and Manulife has made a donation," she said. Helping Angkor Children's Hospital also recently distributed 7,000 helmets to students.
With the shortage of teachers, Mr. Thorn said that Prek Khleang Primary School now has a large number of students. 45 students teach only 3 classes: 1st to 3rd grade with one room next to the pagoda Third, 1st and 2nd graders Teach coupled together by Penguin Miller cook of the monks in the monastery conducting the temporary segregation of. Seeing the difficulties of the students as the Principal, he called on the concerned departments and charities to help the children. Students are studying at this primary school because the location in the Prey Khum Village is an important border post between Cambodia and the country. Vietnam has a population of one village About 100 families are living. Takeo