Phnom Penh: A man has decided to go above the house for a second suicide As the day drew to a close, the thumbprints of the incident caused a stir at 3:30 am on 3 February. By 2020, Chantha Bread Factory is located in Deam Ampil 1 village, Chbar Ampov 1 commune, Chbar Ampov district.

The victim's name was Pich Kimhong, 32, a bread shop worker at the scene and his hometown in Phoum Ang, Borom District, Kampong Chhnang Province.

The man, 32-year-old co-worker Sao Chea, told police that the victim had not been with the wife for a while. Long time ago, but not yet a fingerprint and close to the court date, fingerprints divorce with wife due There has been a reduction in the civil rate.

According to the source, on New Year's Day, the owner of the bread factory gave the workers a break in the hometown, when the victim was taken away. Went to the birth and ate the food, went to the nursery and then the wife went home and told us Divorce and Never Come Out

When the victim came back to Phnom Penh to work, he felt different until the day the victim decided to jump. On the second floor, a few days ago, the workers were arrested, but it was not until the hour when the victim decided. Jump on the house again when those who work with one another Seeing that he was rushed to the Referral Hospital, but in a serious condition, the doctor was sent to the rescue. At the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, when doctors arrived at the hospital, the doctor said the victim had died and was on time. It was 6:30 pm and the same year the owner reported the incident to the authorities Post police Garden sugarcane. 1: The intellectual force majeure