Curie County A young man has been temporarily sentenced to prison for allegedly trapping wildlife in Sre Pork Wildlife Sanctuary. According to Keo Sopheak, director of the Mondulkiri provincial environment department, yesterday. But the head of the community maintains that the accused is an imperfect person who could be taken into the forest for the sake of something.

Mr. Sopheak said the suspect, Hk Vann, 19, lives in Koh Moul sub-village in Ningleikil commune, Koh Nhek district, Mondulkiri province. The suspect was detained by authorities in the Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary during a wildlife trap incident. The core of the Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary on the afternoon of January 27, 2020.

During the arrests, police officers searched and seized several items, including 0.5 explosives, he said. Three kilograms of shock wire, three pieces of spring-loaded coil springs and a string of traps were suspected by the suspects and Embedded in the forests of protected and protected areas Students above.

Sopheak said: “The suspect was temporarily detained by the Provincial Court in the afternoon of January 28, 2020 by Accused of trapping wildlife traps in protected areas of Sre Pork Wildlife Sanctuary in accordance with Article 61 Fifth and sixth of the White Law Women from protected areas. ”

According to Articles 5 and 6 of Article 61 of the Protected Areas Act, the suspect will face prosecution under the Natural Resources Crime Act. Tier 3, which carries a prison sentence of one year to five years or a fine of 15 million riels to 100 Million Riel.

The detention of the suspect has sparked a stir in the Lower Myrtle community, with many residents saying the suspect was human. Faithful, gentle, and inadequate.

Keo Sothea, director of the Myrtle Forest Community, told the Post yesterday that the suspects had never been in the forest by themselves. Because he is mentally incompetent and his family cannot afford the traps or traps for valuable wildlife Such a price.

"I dare to claim that it [the suspect] is mentally incompetent, and I believe it is," he said. Trapping in the core area of ​​Sre Pork Wildlife Sanctuary is likely to lead an unjust group to Something useful, because it never dared to go deep into the jungle alone . Moreover, his family was so poor that he could not afford the traps and traps, as the officials had seized. No exhibits. ”