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KUALA LUMPUR: Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahir Mohamad Mohamad assesses Malaysia's situation Amid the global epidemic of Covid-19, he called it a "catastrophic disaster". According to a Malaysian press release malaymail March 23rd.

Dr Mahathir raised the possibility of the current Malaysian government needing financial assistance to provide for the Malays Lexi, who is losing their lives as a result of the two-week closure around the country.

He also noted that travel restrictions will have a major impact on the Malaysian tourism industry, which is the creator The revenue is significant for both the Malaysian government and the people. Airlines will be affected. The tourism industry will suffer. Transportation of hotels and restaurants will be affected. Employees (employees, workers) will suffer when they are fired. The employer will not make enough money to pay the employer.

For Malaysia, the revenue comes from the second-largest tourism industry after Petronas. The government will lose a lot of revenue.

Tourism industry workers will lose their jobs and their income will be daunting because these people have to pay for food and beverages Daily.

In addition, Dr Mahathir notes that government revenue will also be affected by global oil prices. He is depressed because fuel is a major contributor to Malaysia's income.

Dr Mahathir added that the government's budget to help with the Malaysian economy would also be affected during the outbreak. The rise of Covid-19, as government spending increases and tax revenue declines, will be a challenge for the government in the Filling out these additional costs.

He described the two-week closing order across Malaysia now as "a drop." Section. ” "At the moment, even a partial shutdown can reduce business and profits again, revenue," he said. The government will be affected, ”he said. For small enterprises, the losses can be daunting. These people earn just one day. Even though they have some business, it's not enough to cover their food costs right now. The government may have to provide them financial support.

“What's happening in Malaysia is happening to the whole world. Industries could be stopped or at least cut in production. Exports and imports will be affected, obviously, and they will fall into the global economic crisis. Even the richest countries will suffer. ”

"We are all in for a terrible disaster," he concluded.