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Despite the advancement of modern technology, most Cambodians still believe in it. The Omm magic believes in magicians, foretells the future of the future, and now freaks out ghosts, lace ropes, and does Self-defense. Traditional healing – use magic by spraying herbs from plants, roots, tubers, and The bones of the animals still have such a service.

Evidently, by the early 2020s, it was observed that the flow of seekers to fortune-tellers predicted magic through magic. Make love to your spouse or lower your business so that you can make a living for your business and your family. Diseases, etc., are still active Like previous years.

All of this points to the fact that in today's Cambodian society, superstition is still embedded in stereotypes. People, whether rich or poor, including vegetarians, are still inseparable from everyday life. Theirs.

However, we must not overlook modern science, especially healing The disease should go to a service that has a clear diagnosis, properly target the disease. Instead, believe in the cure for magic, but believe in something or believe in it. A teacher has to think carefully so that there is no crisis in the future. San Sarin