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A man became so obsessed with gambling that he lost his money and conspired to run a motorbike. A supermodel converts to nearly $ 1,000, and pays the gambling costs.

The man later lied to his brother-in-law and lodged a complaint with the police saying he had been harmed. The thief has stolen the drug and got his motorbike, some of his sisters-in-law, to believe it, but the police did not believe it. Just a little. Colonel Kim Sitha, the Inspector of Police of the Dangkor District, immediately led the investigation to find out the truth. As the story unfolds, the man kneels down to apologize to the police, and then he gets off the motorcycle. From the collateral to the owner.

According to police, the suspect was named Thea Ratana, 27, a construction worker in Trapeang village. The district is located in Sambor village, Tbeng commune, Kandal Stung district, Kandal province. One of the motorbikes was taken by the man in charge of the Honda Brand Dream sedan 125 series black in Phnom Penh license plate 1IC-4219, belonging to a man, was the suspect's brother-in-law and was not identified.

According to the source, at about 5 pm on February 28, 2020, the suspects filed a complaint at Police run Champion Police to intervene in case he was victimized by motorcycle thieves One with the Honda Dream Tour 125 series by 2020 Lost along the way a concrete place in the village of Roluos neighborhood champion DangKor Hall.

According to the source, after receiving the shocking complaint, police did not believe it and immediately Colonel Kim Sitha, the Inspector General of Dangkao Police, led a search warrant to find out that he was a passionate person. Gambling was so bad that it ran out of money and into debt They further.

Then, with no gambling debts, he split from a motorcycle loan His brother-in-law took a mortgage on the ammunition market and paid $ 900 later to pay it back. Afraid of finding a wife and brother-in-law, he also fabricated the lie that he had been robbed As soon as the truth broke, the suspect kneeled down and apologized to the Dangrek Police Chief for all actions. He dared to lie and inflict the situation, and the police led him to the collateral to take the motorcycle back to the original owner. Then, educate and get the person to contract Inflate this kind of situation anymore. (Editing by: Thida)