One luxury sedan doesn't know how to drive The driver of the motorcycle was seriously injured, prompting the owner of the motorcycle to be rushed to the hospital. The accident happened at 2:30 pm on April 27, 2020 on Street 169 in front of Bakheng School. Boat in Veal Vong Commune, 7 Makara District, Phnom Penh.

This luxury Mercedes sedan wears the number plate 2BB-9966 (the owner of the lone passenger vehicle is missing After the incident). The victim's motorcycle was identified as the Honda PCX wearing the license plate number 1FG-7755.

A witness at the scene told CNN that the car was speeding and was hit by a car. One PCX motorbike caused the owner and motorcycle to break several meters and then hit the head of the boulder, splitting the chest, causing the collapse. No more going away.

After the incident, local police and municipal police arrived at the scene with a pickup truck to retrieve the vehicle. The victim and his motorbike are being kept at the municipal police station to await a settlement with the motorcycle owner and causing damage to the state Legal By: Hong Hong