Battambang: At the Battambang Military Operation Area on the morning of the 20th In July 2020, a ceremony was held to announce the change of position for officers in the Battambang Military Operation Area, which was presided over. Lieutenant General Hun Manet, Deputy Commander of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and Commander of the Army.

On that occasion, Major General Ouk Khnouch, Commander of the Old Battambang Military Operation Area, welcomed some achievements. The Battambang Military Operations Area Unit has achieved in the past on the work of building units, strengthening the capacity of the army through training in tactics, education, psychological, political, memory. Feelings of building camps, accommodation, workplaces, collective kitchens and helping veterans to contribute to improving the lives of veterans. HE Ouk Khnouch confirmed that since the establishment of the Battambang Provincial Operational Area Unit, this unit already has 10 commanders. M is the 11th Commander-in-Chief who took office on January 26, 2005 and has been in office for 16 years. And.

Speaking on that occasion, HE HUN Manet expressed his appreciation and appreciation for the responsible spirit of the Commander, Deputy Commander, Deputy Chief of Staff and soldiers. Battambang Provincial Operational Area in the process of building and strengthening the unit since its establishment in 1979, with many achievements and achievements to date This.

HE HUN Manet also expressed his appreciation to the former commanders who actively participated in the work of veterans who sacrificed their lives for the motherland and A great benefactor to the nation. Through the ceremony of announcing the transfer of positions to officers in the Battambang Military Operation Area at that time, HE confirmed that: The commanders of each unit are not The owner of the unit, the task of each commander is to maintain the achievements that the previous commander has built and to strive to build more to leave The next commander continues to perform his duties because the unit still has the duty to defend the motherland and protect the peace of the people.

HE HUN Manet emphasized that the appointment of officers as commanders was evaluated based on their will, ability, work experience, health, responsibility and responsibility. Leaders and also on the basis of the sustainability of officers of the same generation to give him the opportunity to cooperate, especially to give priority to those in the unit From the bottom up.

His Excellency requested the newly appointed commanders, including all officers, to maintain good internal unity and promote the work of the unit. His Excellency instructed all units to put in place health measures and encourage all soldiers to be very careful in taking care of their personal health and hygiene in order to Prevent the spread of Kovid 19, including how to maintain the spirit to participate in the implementation of measures taken by the government.

Please be informed that: In the decision to appoint a new position, read by Brigadier General Chhim Lin, Director of the First Office announced the appointment of Brigadier General Trey Hom Khvek is the new Commander of Battambang Military Operation Area, replacing Major General Ouk Khnouch, who will be transferred to the new unit and Mr. Colonel Pheay Lumong is the Chief of Staff of the Battambang Military Operation Area.
By: Panhasak