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Kampot: A young man who was born in Krang village, Sangkat Krang Ampil, Kampot town, but now lives with his parents in Phnom Penh, says goodbye to his father. Mom and Dad committed suicide in Bokor mountain hometown due to emotional crisis

According to the Kampot Provincial Tourism Police officer, on April 29, the name of Siva Chantra, known as Tach Chea The construction engineer has been studying in China for five years and has returned home.

The traumatized young man, Siv Chantra, had already fallen in love with a woman who had already been approached by his elder brother. The dissatisfied elder also broke off his fiancée. Not long ago, friends of Siv Chantra also engaged in the love of this woman who lives.

Shiv Chantra's girlfriend has been approved by the government and is planning to get married in April. 19 The marriage was temporarily suspended. But the woman who lives in Chet Chantra has already gone to Chenda's boyfriend's house, which he thinks is rice. Become rice. As a result, Shiv Chantra's youthful mental health crisis ended in Bokor Mountain.

Police officials said this was only an excerpt from a group of relatives of Siv Chantra, and no official documents were obtained. The male side.

Brigadier General Pang Ying, deputy commissioner of tourism police, told Peace Island on the evening of April 29 that the name was Ziv Chantha. Goodbye parents die in their hometown of Kampot province. A young taxi driver from Phnom Penh arrived in Kampot on a tuk-tuk. Walking into the forest is gone.

After the incident, police in cooperation with the Royal Gendarmerie forces, including security guard Otha Sokha, said Brig. The search for three days since the missing April 27 found but was not found.

However, until the evening of April 29, a suicide attempt on a mountain was found in the forest The old casino was renovated as a hotel and police were brought back to relatives to reunite.

The police and security search also used a microphone to echo through the forest. This is the first case of a hunter in the mountains of Bokor. (Edited by: Bopha)