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Preah Vihear: After a domestic dispute, a hostage-drinking man set fire to a house, causing the fire to burn and causing havoc. To the surprise of neighbors at 8 and 30 pm on March 19, 2020, in Toul Village Dam, Sangkat Kampong Speu, Preah Vihear City.

The owner of this house, Tithe, and his wife, Nong Kong, have two children. The family lives in the village above.

Brigadier General Sam Samoeun, deputy commissioner of fire at the Preah Vihear provincial police chief, said that after receiving information from Villagers say a house fire broke out in a house in Toul Tomnak village, Palal commune, Preah Vihear town, immediately Provincial police cooperate with the police force, inspecting Preah Vihear town The fire truck was dispatched immediately to the scene, but due to the rapid fire, the house was in danger. Wooden ceilings, zinc, and all the belongings were burned up.

Brig. Sam Samoeun said the cause of the fire, according to people at the scene. It was reported that due to a domestic dispute while the husband was intoxicated, the burns burned his house It only caused one fire, but the fire was not spread to your home Neighbors and do not cause human injury or loss of life. The husband, who is suspected to have set fire to his house, was taken to the Preah Vihear police station for questioning.

According to the woman, the couple had previously been involved in an altercation while the husband was having an argument Drunken and chasing him and the baby, he ran to his brother's house for more than 20 minutes and found his tongue. A fire broke out in his house, and he went home to see his husband Daughter would stick more. The wife said her husband often found it hard to beat his wife when he was drunk. (Edited by)