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Phnom Penh: Tatmadaw from the Ministry of Defense boxing defeats Long Chin, boxer from Tiger club Rith and Becoming a Millionaire in the Cambodian Boxing Championship on April 25 while Luon Sok Kheng is from Puthi Vongsan Phear Sen Chey Club In the competition, after the break kdaongochramouh hands Bunchhoeun Hawaiian goddess hall.

The match that day, just in the first round, Tan Minh kicked a full leg under Long Jin, causing it to collapse. It took eight referees to get the game back. In the second and third waters, however, the tangent is no different from that of Long Jin's board. Ng Jin hit his face and stomach full of water and was constantly pressured by Jin.

When entering the fourth and fifth waters, Thane began to increase his attacks in an attempt to defeat the opponent but was unable to do so. Just finished the fifth round, Thanh Ma only went on to win the Long Chin points.

Chhoeun Wai from the wing club gives a bitter lesson to veteran boxer Luon Sok Kheng By breaking the opponent's nostrils, the referee stopped play by the fourth round and became a millionaire in the This week too.

In this pairing, from the first to the third, Luon Sok Kheng hit more goals
Unfortunately, Chhoeun Wai Mat was fully armed with one hand, causing a fracture
The nose can no longer be played.

In the same arena, Channy, from the Wings Club before taking a million dollars from the competition Not too long, with Ben Ben fasting from the club, beating and winning hard.

Long Ben is fast, though he has never played against Park Channy before, but this time Willing to give Channy an optional rainstorm, they beat hands and knees and hit Chan Chan Since the first round, however, Channy kicked and kicked out, giving him a chance to break through Set aside. However, the match was very interesting because the two players were competing in their respective competitions ៕ (Edited by: Bopha)