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Long Chin players banned after three months in court The photo shows frustration and worry about losing revenue during the shutdown. He also expressed the same feeling of not wanting to continue the fight as he moaned From boxing.

The three-month suspension was the result of his failure to meet the rules of the club. The club's owners decided not to have the player's name removed from all channels for three months to warn A player who lacks focus in other boxing. After all, a solution may be available if there is a compromise. According to the club's owners.

Rithy Rithy coach Ricky has confirmed after the ban that Long Chin could fight in time. Determine if he changes his attitude and admits to mistakes and asks the coach and the owner of the club. He said he had been out of training for several weeks and had not been admitted to court. Not yet.

Leang Rithy owner Long Ravy has banned Long Chin from competing in three TV spots Months on the grounds that he did not comply with the rules of the club and wanted to quit, and every time he was asked to receive regular training. Also rarely seen lately. Prior to the ban, she claimed that he had made such mistakes several times. And because of the fact that Long Chin seems to have lost interest in the club, he wants only his name matched up She made a warning only when she got it.

Rithy Rith trainer Ricky said that the club's chairman had fined Long Chin for not respecting his time. Training, and when going anywhere, never informed the club. He claims he has not made one mistake – he has made several such mistakes Come on. Ricky realizes that the punishment is not torture but an exhortation for him to wake up and change. No mistake.

He claimed that if Long Chin made a mistake and tried to train during the penalty phase, he would likely be in the ring before the match. Set. On the contrary, if he complies with the penalty and does not try to train, it could take more than three months for the club to allow it. Give it a try. Ricky also stated that Long Chin had missed training for three weeks, so if not penalized, it would be Touch the club face. He hopes he will come to training and make a mistake to get a chance to get back into the ring. The coach acknowledged that Long Jin's mistakes also contributed to his poor education.

Turning to Long Chin, he revealed to his fellow players that he could face a lack of income during the penalty phase. But he also didn't seem to care about negotiations
Or modified that by telling his friends that the owner wants to put him up when that happens because He also had less time to train. (Edited by: Bopha)