PHNOM PENH, The Presiding Bishop of Preah Vihear Province, by Monk Long Chantha She came to Takeo school, where the monk interacted with women on social media who were not practicing their discipline. If the monk refuses to come to the monk, the Provincial Hall will cooperate with the authorities in implementing administrative measures. .

On May 4, 2020, the King Father Norodom Sihamoni issued a letter to the Keo Savorn King Buddhist monk, Mr. Rainsy Tep Preah Vihear, Takeo, monk Long Chantha at Wat Phnom Borey, Prek Thong commune, Angkor Borei district, Takeo province Takeo School (Wat Tum Town) Be Keo Province).

According to Samdech Nget, Buddhism has been affected a lot by Buddhist monks in recent days. Social networks that are deviating from their rules have severely lowered monk prices.

Therefore, he asked the Buddhist monk to resolve the matter at the Provincial Hall immediately in case the monk refuses to come. During the hearing, the Provincial Hall shall cooperate with the competent authorities in carrying out the administrative measures and then report to the high priest.

Please note that the monk Long Chantha on Facebook has leaked a video, a voice chat and a phone with a beautiful woman. . The video shows Buddhist Chaplain Long Chantha talking to a woman who already has a girlfriend through Messenger, with words and words. Also asked the lady at Wat Saing mountain. Separately, monk Long Chantha replied: "You keep your face so that you do not want to post anything that is true. Would you like to know exactly what to call her in person? For the tweets, the plan was to kill him in advance, and he tracked down to the chief of the Post's village to try to avoid it Let her be humiliated, but she cries for fear of losing her registration, and if the damage is done, the person who organized the business As for her, he knew, and sent the LDP to attack him on Facebook, but please The hypocrite wants to know the truth, take a rant and call her to talk to him, do not despise him Considering what you mean, keep your mouth shut because pity if you don't, this is the first step { He takes a clear shot and either breaks or has video together Another even more fragile.}: The intellectual force majeure