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Phnom Penh: Currently, there are not many small and medium-sized Cambodian enterprises (SMEs) exporting their products. Go for sale or promote on the outside market. On the other hand, when we look at SMEs in the region, they are trying to push their products further into the Cambodian market. Through cooperation with working institutions in Cambodia.

In fact, the Indonesian Embassy in Cambodia encourages and encourages their SMEs to showcase their potential products to local businesses in Cambodia. Market potential of Cambodia.

According to the first secretary in charge of economic cooperation at the Indonesian Embassy, ​​the January 29, 2020 present Indonesia is trying to boost palm oil production for its health and cooking.

Noam Lazuardy, First Secretary in charge of Economic Cooperation of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Cambodia, said: Palm oil is high because Indonesia is the largest producer and also the champion of ASEAN because palm oil is still produced Malaysia and Indonesia, ”he said. "We want to spread information about how coconut oil is better for health and cooking activities," he said. Today there is a black campaign that says coconut oil is bad for health, so this is how Indonesia and ASEAN try to promote it Benefits of coconut oil. We want to introduce coconut oil in Indonesian and Indonesian cuisine to the public. ”

While Indonesia seeks to boost potential products into the Cambodian market, Indonesia also expressed its intention to attract investors. Also in Cambodia.

Noam Lazuardy added, "We also want to introduce Indonesian products to the Cambodian people, and if there is an opportunity we will attract Indigenous investors." Nepal to set up processing plant in Cambodia We try to talk to producers in Indonesia to see potential investment In Cambodia and the possibility of land concessions for palm oil production.

In terms of product presentation to local businesses, the president of the Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association sees it as a good thing For local SMEs, find out more about how promotion of their products will benefit SMEs in Region.

“It is a good point,” said Eang Kong Kong, president of the Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association. Cambodia has SMEs. Introducing their products, if we are interested, we can learn how to present them Interested. ” “Today, the Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association is improving the quality of products and learning that we have a limited amount of production We. We are working with our partner countries around ASEAN, not just Indonesia, to bring about change Import and export our products. ”

According to the President of the Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association to date, the products of local SMEs are supported by local people and people today Change to come to organic or organic production and every Cambodian person is looking at the mindset and use of non-organic products. There are many chemicals, so the association is working These are of interest to the quality of local products. Edited by: Sokhuk