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On Tuesday afternoon, 4-02-2020, Lieutenant General Rath Sreng, Deputy Commander of the Royal Gendarmerie and Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Gendarmerie, accompanied by a team of officials and local authorities, visited Ms. Puth Vannak, Deputy Chief of Staff The first is Prek Kampu commune, Dangkor district, Phnom Penh, and stage 3 breast cancer is in the hospital ANNUAL surgery. At this critical stage, Ms. Vannak Vannak had to undergo six injections of chemotherapy, 21 times a day, every six days before surgery.

Seeing the magnitude of the cost of medical treatment, Lieutenant General Rath Sreng presented her a grant to Puth Vannak to help relieve the burden of 10 million 400,000 riel (10,400,000 ៛), including his budget. 10 Million Riels and His Excellency Prek Kampu District Hall attend the 400,000 Riels (400,000 R) together with 8 beverages.

After visiting the patients, HE Rath Sreng inspected the Phnom Prek Kampot Village, where the Lieutenant General funded the renovation and promised to install solar lamps in all villages in the village. In Prek Kampot.