Phnom Penh: Thursday afternoon, 23rd April, 2020 Lieutenant General Hor Sam Ath, Deputy Secretary General of Ministry of Interior and Head of IT Department together with department leaders invited Antibiotics and anti-fungal materials for the protection of the disease-resistant HIV-19 (COVID-19) from a representative of Jinnahina Industries (ZHENGHAINA INDUSTRY CO., LTD). The supplies include one disinfectant spray, one ton of toner and 1,500 drops of sap for preventive use. Blocked with CAV-19.

HE Gen Hor Sam An warmly welcomed the delegation of ZHENGHAINA INDUSTRY CO. ., LTD) and gratefully acknowledge the generous donation to the IT Department for its use in the fight against cow-19. .

His Excellency Lieutenant General, considered the donation of ZHENGHAINA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. ) This is a very important contribution to the Ministry of Interior as well as to the Royal Government of Cambodia in the fight against the disease, and Participate in promoting hygiene and health care of the community Public Servants.

In addition, HE Governor had expressed his sincere thanks to Major General Mam Darath, Deputy Director of Gateway Department 2, who facilitated the work of the company in bringing these grants to the Ministry of Interior, and Mr. Ken Socheat, CEO of SJ Shipping Co., Ltd who participated in the facilitation and Sponsored the transportation of these materials in a timely manner. By: CEN