Two new models, the Suzuki Smash V and the new Suzuki NEX.II 2020, have officially gone on sale from the evening of February 1, 2020, through a ceremony organized by O MSC cooperates with the Suzuki factory in Cambodia.

According to Nubuo Kidokoro, Director of Cambodia Suzuki Motor in Cambodia, the new Smash V has a beautiful design with 113 cc, new sticker, a new Smash Type 3D, a bright and easy to see. The data, accompanied by bright headlights, provides safety for drivers. The Smash V has a wide luggage compartment and a capacity of 4.5 liters while the other brands do not have either.

Easier, the Smash 113cc features a pump-type front brake that provides extra safety for drivers especially in the rainy season. Also, the new NEX.II 2020 model has been beautifully designed with the new colors – matte silver, shiny silver and two color variants that are only available for the Cambodian market.

Please note that both the Smash V and NEX.II models have received strong support from their users, especially in the provinces, which prefer to use the keypad models. Obviously with a power of up to 113cc, SmashV is popular and gives you confidence, especially on long distances.

Finally, Nubuo Kidokoro, a Japanese representative, hopes that the two models will increase Suzuki sales in Cambodia.