In fact, neither I nor the general population has forgotten the name of Sam Rainsy, after being cheated on a five-star propaganda back in Cambodia on November 9, 2019.

On the other hand, what is considered by many Chinese people is the preparation of the Chinese New Year. And now, what some of the public is following is the court case of Kem Sokha.

Although I have decided since November 9, 2019 to stop speaking and writing about the name of Sam Rainsy because this person has no more value for the attention of the masses, but I forcibly decided to write the name of Sam Rainsy. Again, not really because there is something important to say.

What is important is that while Mr. Sokha's case is ongoing and Mr. Sokha and his lawyers are finding ways and evidence to back up the allegations in the treason case, Mr. Rainsy has suddenly presented and provided evidence. Many are free to confirm the involvement of Kem Sokha or the CNRP in colluding with foreign countries in their plans To overthrow the government.

Through interviews with RFA and web hosting

On his own Facebook page, Mr. Rainsy posted a series of messages and photos stating his relevance, as well as Kem Sokha, about collusion with foreign countries. Sam Rainsy said he wants the court to bring charges against him, as Mr. Sokha has shown, and will send it to court.

If for a moment, it seems that Mr. Rainsy is brave enough to join Kem Sokha, to release Mr. Sokha, and to punish him! But in-depth analysis and analysis of Sam Rainsy's intention to further charge Mr. Sokha.

What Sam Rainsy has shown and affirmed these days is very meaningful:

First, it was a public acknowledgment that there was a collusion with foreign countries in the plan to overthrow Hun Sen's government by the former CNRP's color revolution.

Secondly, in addition to this written declaration, Mr. Rainsy also posted a photo to prove that the former CNRP leaders had been trained in foreign countries to plan the overthrow of the government.

Thirdly, what Mr. Rainsy posted and said in an interview with Radio Free Asia is a key witness testimony to prove that the dissolution of the former CNRP by the Supreme Court was right and necessary.

Fourth: Mr. Rainsy's testimony also adds to the weight of Mr. Sokha's case in order to establish that the proceeding is correct and necessary because both Mr. Sokha and Mr. Rainsy have colluded with foreign countries to move forward. To overthrow the legal authority in Cambodia. Therefore, Mr. Sokha cannot deny that he has not colluded with foreign countries as he has always denied, because he should not forget that Mr. Rainsy is a witness and a key stakeholder in the case.

Fifth: Sam Rainsy's evidence and confession of their collusion with foreign countries to overthrow the Hun Sen government is a further confirmation that Mr. Sokha's case is not political. It is a true crime, treason.

In fact, there is no secret to Sam Rainsy's intention for Kem Sokha because anyone knows that every time, when Sokha has a case, he tries to protect himself from it. The accusation is that Sam Rainsy has always placed more blame on Mr. Sokha.

Apparently, on suspicion that Mr. Sokha could be released in March 2019, Mr. Rainsy intervened, taking away Mr. Sokha's freedom to bet with Prime Minister Hun Sen.