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Despite Fear of Kov-19, Kong Chan Srey Mom Can Still Love To their relatives in the provinces of the Kingdom of Cambodia. She sent money to loved ones in Battambang through a free WING Smartphone app. Expensive.

"On this New Year's Eve, I sent my New Year's greetings to my sister, Wing. Send money to friends far away from me easily and for free with the Wing Money App. According to her Facebook page, Kong Chan Srey Mom.

Through WING, you can send money to loved ones who are in need of cash Daily life is free in all provinces and cities without having to travel in person.

For those in need, cash can still be withdrawn easily through more than 7,500 Wing Cash Xpress outlets nationwide, though The village is remote however. Let's go! Create a love account to send love.

For more information, please contact us on 023 999 989/012 999 489 or you can access the official fb facebook page : WINGmoney ៕ Co-edited (Edited by: Bopha)

Share your love with wing

#ShareYourLoveWithWing #Share love with WING Hello everyone? I hope all of you are well during the New Year. On New Year's Eve, I sent Wishing New Year's Wishes with Wing: I Can Send Money To My Farther Friends For Free And With The Wing Money App . Not only that, I have also donated to my ability with the WING Foundation for Cambodia to reach out to some of the Cambodian people affected by the HIV / AIDS virus 19 and everyone can join. Yes, you can make a donation of 03210000 for KHR and 03310000 USD (USD). I have already done a joint venture with WING for Cambodia, what about you? Don't forget to share the screenshot in the gallery below and join us all for New Year's Eve with Wings.

Posted by Kong chansreymom On Monday 13 April 2020