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A young man from Shanghai, China, who is due to marry his girlfriend this year, has made plans to secure it Abstinence from marriage. Chen didn't exactly tell his girlfriend he was in love, but he came up with a strange way to do it Let this wedding not proceed. He was willing to go to the crime to get the better of the police, telling his girlfriend not to get married.

Social reputation is very important in China, so that's why Chen thinks the family will not marry He became a thief and arrested by police. Earlier this week, Chen went to a dance club on Huashan Street in Shanghai and stole a Bluetooth speaker. A common sense knowing that there is a security camera around the corner. He wants to be seen only once. When the store sued the police, he told police the reason for the theft.

“My girlfriend wants to marry me, but I don't want to marry her. I know I'll be arrested after stealing this bass. I really wanted to walk away from her. I know he will pay me back.

The thief added that he chose a Bluetooth speaker that reportedly cost around 290. Dollars because he wants it to be worth enough to report to the police, but not too expensive to not make the owner The shop was very upset.

According to Chinese media, Chen is still in police custody. But most likely won't be there for long because of such minor mistakes. It is unclear if Chen's plan will succeed. Edited by: Sokhuk