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BANGKOK – A traffic accident caused by a woman teaching her husband to go into a car accident has been reported. The number goes back and the brake pedal mistakenly crashes into a shopkeeper and a bridge collapses into a pool of stone. Three people were seriously injured Stunned at 1:10 pm on April 19, 2020, the first bridge point, Ang Trapeang Thmor Resort, is located Trapeang Thmor village, Poi Char commune, Phnom district district.

All three victims were a 32-year-old woman named Prinada (with severe left eye injury). Her husband, Leang Phally, 36, who suffered injuries to his left eye, was driving a car. Oral pond, Srasat village, Phnom Srok district, Banteay Meanchey province, for a motorbike driving a Toyota Highlander Silver plate number 2A.9331. Another woman, a shopkeeper at the bridge, named Sosina Callev, 29, who suffered serious injuries. Trapeang Thmor Village, Poi Char Commune, Banteay Meanchey Province.

According to the district district police chief, prior to the incident, a woman named Prida had been given to her husband. Driving a car while driving to the corner of West Bridge, where the car sloped, the woman learned to drive . At the same time, the woman entered the numbers to touch the back and braked the brakes causing the car to speed. Fast forward to the back of the woman, who was carrying a lotus, near the bridge, caused serious injuries, and the car continued. Hit the steel bridge bridge crashes, causing the car to sink into the tea Again causing injuries 2 spouses.

Inspector confirmed that after the incident, the woman, the driver and the teacher, were being treated at a referral hospital. Phnom district district, while women selling cacao near the bridge are being treated at Cambodia-Japan Friendship Referral Hospital Bourbon bourgeois. The vehicle is now being towed to the district police headquarters to wait for further action. (Edited by: Bopha)

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