Phnom Penh: Gov't defense lawyer Keat Chhon claims he has new evidence To put the blame on Kem Sokha, former head of the National Rescue Party It was Sam Rainsy who claimed that Kem Sokha was involved in a crime of peace, a conspiracy with foreign countries. . Government lawyers say Mr. Rainsy's message will be further proof that Mr. Sokha cannot escape Of course not.

Regarding the above case, Mr. Kem Sokha, Chief Minister of Kem Sokha wrote on Facebook on January 24, “Whoever will believe that Sam Rainsy has accused the government? The past 25 years have been charged with many crimes, but the government has dismissed the allegations as baseless. The evidence. ”

“Now that Kiwi lawyers, civil party lawyers and government representatives are starting to recognize their declaration,” he continued. Is Mr. Sam Rainsy real? ”Kyike lawyer yesterday acknowledged what Mr. Rainsy had posted on his Facebook page as evidence. The burden is on President Kem Sokha. If a small number of lawyers know that what Mr. Rainsy said, wrote and posted is true, then the court may have to investigate the case. “There have been a lot of penalties for over 25 years that Mr. Rainsy has been accusing from 1993 to 2020,” he said.

But do not forget that whether or not the recognition, proof or deposition is the authority or the authority of the authority, he added. Just a council!

President Kem Sokha maintains and maintains that he is not guilty and has not been charged with colluding with a foreign government or foreign agency. To cause repression or to cause aggression against the Kingdom of Cambodia.

“Kem Sokha is far less relevant than Sam Rainsy,” the former CNRP leader Sam Rainsy wrote on his Facebook page. Peace Crimes are conspiring with foreigners to organize a revolution to overthrow Hun Sen's regime The Phnom Penh Municipal Court. This is the second document I am sending Sam Rainsy to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court to prove I have. Collaborates with various foreign organizations aiming to bring about political change in the country Cambodia is transitioning from democracy to democracy. ”

"I thank Sam Rainsy for presenting the deposition evidence for themselves as well as the evidence submitted by the depositors," he said. The victim belongs to Sokha. I am thankful for this important piece of evidence: I hope that the prosecutor represents. The concerned authorities, as well as the investigating judge, will surely gather evidence that Sam Rainsy had presented for additional charges. As well as the crimes of Sam Rainsy and the accused Sokha. ” Mr. K Tech, who stressed that Mr. Sokha's case has been tried by the court, is waiting to welcome Sam Rainsy. ៕ By: Intellectual