Phnom Penh: Minister Veng Sakhon and Sok Puthyvuth co-chaired the “CH” Organized the Rice Research Working Group ("Team") in the spirit of higher collaboration and better communication. Close to Ministry of Agriculture – Private Institutions and Partners in Agriculture in Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries holds this meeting every year to monitor, discuss, exchange ideas, identify strengths, weaknesses, challenges and gather important inputs. After all the relevant actors have come up with a mechanism for resolving all issues that are an obstacle in the rice-rice development process. Cambodia is in the present In the future, timely, appropriate, efficient, transparent and equitable, we can advance the quality of our rice and rice products. Competition and processing to achieve the government's 1 million tonnes of white gold export policy Future.

As a result, a number of questions, suggestions and issues related to the production and distribution of rice varieties, use, management and management of agricultural medicines, agricultural production practices Contracts, procedures, requirements, and the importance of hygiene and sanitation to the agricultural sector as a whole The laboratory of the rice seed laboratory was set Answer and deal with the co-chairperson and mental institutions in the leverage to be high. In particular, some of the key demands and issues, such as government policies that are beyond the competence or authority of the Ministry Agriculture, forestry and fisheries, as well as the rice-harvesting team ("GR"), the working group will prepare detailed reports, including requests for proposals. To the Royal Government for a high level review and decision.

Please be informed of the progress and important achievements made in the rice and rice sector for the year 2017, including: Official rice exports accounted for more than 620,106 tonnes of rice in 61 countries. 2. For the export of rice to the Chinese market, there have been 26 private sector exporters and most recently rice export. Another 18 were granted rice to China, totaling 44 enterprises. 3rd. The Ministry has released a new type of rice seed, known as Sen fragment1, which has been selected technically from the genus Cromine and is currently in production. Market; An additional 74 agribusinesses are created, bringing the total number of agribusinesses nationwide to 1,190. By: Columbus