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Kandal Province: Heng Martin is the main farmer of Svaymeas village, Vihear Sour commune, Khsach Kandal district, Kandal province. He started farming Kantheay since 2003, and now his farm has 50,000 animals. On average, a one-year-old crocodile weighs one kilogram when sold, he said. Deer have become a popular food such as soup. It is said that the Chinese eat the scorpion.

One kilogram of ketchup costs $ 10. Heng Martin says his farm can supply the market five tonnes a year. Five tonnes is an average of 10 million kelp, so if one sells for $ 10 a year, kennel farmers can make money $ 100 million. Martin says that the kangaroo feeding is also available in Stung Treng province. However, Kanthor farmers say that in 2020, kyat will drop to $ 7 or $ 8 per kilo. Due to imports from Vietnam.

Kandy farmers in Kandal province make this request: “I would like to ask the Royal Government to prevent or reduce the quantity of imported mangroves for you Domestication enhances the ability to feed to meet market demand and helps to supplement the investment that the crocodile market is popular with, especially for ethnic clients. China. Minister of Agriculture Veng Sakhon on July 4 visited Heng Mam's livestock farm Directly. In response to the decline of the moose, the minister asked Kant's farmers to be patient. The king says the crocodile market will be restored soon and the ministry will boost its exports abroad. Well.

Minister of Agriculture highly appreciates investment in fish farming Supply both quantity and quality, meet market demand, and especially reduce imports from neighboring countries. . Veng Saakhn said that this investment activity has really contributed to creating jobs for local people, increasing household income and reducing poverty. Particularly implementing agricultural policy and development plan in line with the approach of “Private state, development partner and agricultural community”. By: Hi