Phnom Penh: On 29 April 2020, HE Sok Sovann Khmer Party President Vorn Savong holds up the monthly meeting of the Supreme Council of Ministers' Consultative and Advisory Council The Supreme Council for Peace and Consultation at the Peace Palace

During the meeting, HE highlighted the important cases such as: case of a high-ranking official conspiring to occupy state land in Mondulkiri province; Violence during land clearing in Prek Pnov lake area

At the meeting, HE also mentioned about low agricultural products and some agricultural products, including ideas for boosting sector opportunities. It is recommended to invite the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation. An inter-ministerial meeting of importers could push Cambodia's agricultural issue forward as these ministries are related to the sector. Agriculture.

Particularly on the overview of the development of Kuwaiti 19, he provided some views on tackling the economic impact of citizens after suffering. The effects of the Kovir 19 infection by: Kolab