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Phnom Penh: Due to the global epidemic of polio 19, boxing has taken place on all television programs Rest for 2 weeks now as the return date is unknown. Various arena charts have been released for the weekend, but yesterday The post continues to suspend all the ring across the country.

Some Khmer martial arts players, who relied on the ring to earn a living, expressed their sadness. And complaining about the costs for their expenses, because they make money through Khmer Khun. When the program is not available, it will be difficult for family supplies, especially for some players, to train and travel Coming from the provinces to get ready for the match, but missed out and got even more difficult.

Kong Ho of Siem Reap's Cave Cave Club, who competed last week at PNN Arena but cancels Citing his plight, his family is in trouble, hoping for a free Sunday The family paid the money, and now the television station has resigned Now he expects to have money to pay for them!

There are a lot of players who have to deal with this, but everything is due to the disease of the disease Boxing, Boxing and the Cambodian Boxing Federation have not yet had a match, waiting to be relieved as much as possible. Yes. Please note that all Khmer martial arts have been suspended since March 23, 2020 while the competition is being held. A date has not yet been set.