Battambang: In the morning of Wednesday, February 26, 2020, the prince of Cambodia Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Ministry of Interior and Chairman of National Working Group for Battambang Provincial Governor presides over the closing ceremony of the 2019 working meeting Battambang.

In the beginning, Mr. Nguon Ratanak, Governor of Battambang Provincial Government and Permanent Vice-President of the Royal Government's Task Force Provincial Government invited reports of the Kingdom of La Homes Kheng as well as ceremony about the conduct of the provincial administration meeting and the working group Provincial base that runs all day February 25, with the participation of the Board of Governors, District and District Governors, the Deputy Director of the Department of Social and Social Welfare, Money.

The governor said that the main topics of this year's conference were public security affairs, especially drug issues, the situation and the Development of education management, in particular kindergarten, primary and local education, challenges in providing services. Land issues, local waste problems, policy implementation Maternal and Child Support, Cultivation Planning and Irrigation Management, Public Land Management Issues, City Smart and action plan for the city development.

He also informed the Ministry of Labor and the Conference on the results of the yearly work of the Provincial Government and the field team and We are committed to continued efforts to develop the province on the basis of a solid foundation of peace, security and tolerance. For investment attraction Tourism will continue to carry out the 2020s workforce goals for better outcomes to contribute to their success. Government's Rectangular Policy and Strategy.

Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Hosse Kheng, and the President of the National Working Group for the Assistance to Batang I would like to say that I would like to make a response to the ceremony, which is the inauguration ceremony of the prince. He led civil servants, armed forces and citizens of Batat district A dedicated baton fulfills its mission and contributes to the process of peacekeeping, national stability, and economic development. And the nation as a whole, to prevent the attempted destruction of national antagonists.

On that occasion, HE Kol Hammam addressed the leaders and officials of Battambang Provincial Armed Forces together Benefit and Do Not Violate Citizens' Rights because He Says Breach of Population Benefits Citizenship and civil rights abuses are a factor that can lead to injustice Social justice is also a factor that will lead to the revolutionary movement of color, not just the body but Cambodia, no other country, can do the same.

From this forum Samdech Krom Krom also advised the authorities and the task force that all measures need to be addressed. The issue of any peaceful protest is not to use violence against them. It is a serious matter and it is a duty to provide public service to the people according to the sector. Equally, transparently and equitably carry out their responsibilities, especially after the Royal Government has delegated authority, function and resources. Continue.

Samdech Khammam also stated that he urges administration and local authorities to promote the public to them. Be aware of the importance of registering licenses and completing various national requirements to ensure the protection of rights and access Benefits from the state and for use Awakening in other activities avoids them as Khmer citizens but lacks self-esteem. For example, a national ID, such as an ID card or birth certificate.

In addition, public forums and home visits have been recommended to all officials and working groups. It is vitally important to take the opportunity and the opportunity to meet any challenge, request or concern. From the people to the government to come up with a solution for them In the immediate past and in the event of a transfer, in the event of exceeding their competence, do not give up. Any problem is left unresolved, as problems that are left behind can explode. Yes, someday not.

On the occasion of the Closing Ceremony, His Excellency Kimsom Kheng also mentioned the transfer of functions, powers and resources from the national level. At the national level, Samdech has instructed leaders and officials of the provincial government as well as the local team to pay attention. Recently, the district administration received the award The transfer of functions, powers and resources, as well as the amendment of that structure to the local administration. It is possible to achieve the reform plan that the national government intends to increase in service delivery. The People's Republic of China.

In connection with the work of security and order in the locality, Samdech Mohammed Kheng also reminded the leaders and local authorities of the situation. Provincial authorities should continue to monitor more effectively the crime. Gifts at both locations, specials, karaoke, nightclubs Fish and fish in villages, communes, pagodas, and all authorities have come to the conclusion that they are not involved in this issue. There is no loss.

Regarding the strengthening of the capacity of the officers of the Special Police, the ability to prevent, block and suppress the drug, the prince also said Establish and support training courses, especially skills training on crime research and crackdown This lesson focuses on the school of local administration In Pheap village, Battambang province, because of the drug problem, he claimed to still be burdened by social problems and made Greatly affect the human resources and security at the base of the Republic.

The province will host the March 2020 Water Festival in March this year. Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen offered his condolences and directed to all officials and related forces of the province Battambang must work in concert with the Ministry of Information and the private sector to get it With this year's river festival in the limelight, many tourists are encouraged by the peace, order and good fortune. Together we create a variety of fun programs that are part of the local community's response to the crisis. Visited due to coronary influence.

In that occasion, Samdech Krom Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister, also advised the provincial and provincial officials as well as local authorities. Provincial authorities must pay careful attention to the effectiveness of the construction and sanitation law. Nile and spoke to strengthen the work Packages and special rations redevelopment of the Terraces for Motivation Planting Path, Pagoda Road, Schools and Public Roads will be curbed and development partnerships will be developed with development partners.

After that, Samdech Krasaeng continued to speak about the reform of the national administration, especially the transfer of daily management functions in the health sector. Addressing the provincial administration, the Prime Minister said yesterday the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Economy and Finance and Ministry of Health The team just signed Transfer the health management budget to the Provincial Government.

In this reform project, Samdech Khammam Kheng also mentioned the improvement of district and district structures to improve the performance of the district. The tasks of the Khan, County, and District respond in a timely manner to the needs of the people in their locality. And Pilot Transfer Management for Primary School Nurses From within and outside the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to the Battambang Municipality and Municipalities, this work will be expanded to the whole country. S.

Before the end of the visit, Samdech Krom Krasak, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior and Chairman of the National Working Group for the Assistance to Batang Your Excellency, Your Excellency, your Excellency, you are a leader and a civil servant, and a powerful force. All provinces of Battambang will strengthen the coordination Commitment to Implementation of the 2010 Workforce Goals 2020 Posted by: Col