Phnom Penh: Samkromk Kheng said that despite the situationIn the face of the outbreak of HIV / AIDS, 19, police officers are committed to continuing their vigilance, putting in place measures. Use a mask, gloves, and spray water or disinfectant regularly. Yana also had a number of immigration officials found to be in contact with airport guests who were found to have the HIV virus 19 but luckily They were checked for infection.

Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sar Kheng (C) holds talks here this morning with visiting police officers. Phnom Penh International Airport.

In the beginning, representatives of immigration officials of the Phnom Penh International Airport, Keng and Siem Reap, presented welcome reports to Kratom and the leaders of the Ministry of Interior. Considered the supreme presence of the prince as a great encouragement and power to the immigration police. All for your efforts to serve the nation with goodwill.

Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Hsan Kheng, Minister of Interior, delivered a warm and heartfelt speech to the police force. Immigration praised and appreciated the leaders and officers of the Immigration Police Station at the airport gate Working together responsibly, respecting the profession, affording many qualifications to foreigners and Cambodians coming out and entering Cambodia A significant contribution to the maintenance of public order and economic and social development in Cambodia.

"Today the world is engaged in a fierce war that is not a world war, an armed war, or a regional war," said Krasil. Anything but a vicious pandemic of war 19 and so far we know that there is a country nearer 180 who contracted it That was us.

The prince noted that in the last hours the disease has spread and killed, apparently from 6 am yesterday. By 6 am on March 24, there were more than 40,000 new cases of the virus . According to a foreign news website, Kremlin added that an average of 2,000 people a day die from the disease. .

The prince reiterated the veil of the spread of the Kovirus 19 and drew attention that so far, Kov 19 first exploded in Wuhan, China, but so far researchers and journalists have spoken differently about their origin. The virus, with some speculating that it was not native to Wuha . However, this issue was highlighted as the next issue, and the bigger problem was fighting it.

"The disease is now facing a great deal of challenge in Europe and the United States, and the biggest challenge is that it has no drugs." There is no specific treatment or vaccine yet. At the same time, while treating patients and researching drugs and vaccines, the most important measure is to put people in the right place. Homes in which nearly a quarter of the world's population practices home-based measures.

However, due to some countries' non-compliance with measures to stay home and violate the ban on activities that are susceptible to COVID19 infection The rate of infection is rising as the country-to-people and people-to-people relations in all areas are cut or increased. Tightens such as closing borders, closing flights Suspension religious gathering wedding entertainment Kim was the government nearly every country.

For Cambodia, the prince said that as of today, Siem Reap International Airport had no flights as the land border with Vietnam closed. Both leave only the exchange of goods under strict conditions. In particular, the border with Thailand says there is a difference with Vietnam because Cambodia has a large population and they have come to Cambodia. During Thailand's subsequent closure of the gates.

He added that the Cambodia-Thailand border gate is the same as the border with Vietnam, with the exchange of goods still operating as usual for the return of the goods. Returning to the country by a Cambodian citizen from Thailand, the prince explained that due to his business activities or work in Thailand, the suspension was being made. Give them as well as information Thailand is in the idle state, so they decided to return home.

Regarding measures to prevent the spread of the disease 19, Krammrol said that the Royal Government has established a National Committee and Samdech Techo has issued The Directive circulated gradually. Separately, the Ministry of Interior has set up a separate commission, closed police schools nationwide and introduced concrete measures such as prisons and concentration camps. Forces, etc.

The prince also spoke about the preparation for public self-defense, a key factor he said would introduce Prepares a clear message to distribute on air or by motorcycle. Samdech asked the provincial governor to implement the contents of this education message and the administrative team in place must prepare the means to implement it. Every day, especially as the Khmer people begin to return from Thailand.

In that occasion, Samdech Krom Kheng also provided further guidance regarding the role and duties of immigration police officers, who advised him to continue to strengthen discipline and ethics. Professional: Prevents penetration of people, causes trouble to the nation, cooperates with the police It will be well protected by the Ministry of Health.

The prince also offered encouragement by considering immigration police officers as combatants in the battle of Kov 19 after doctors. "This is the courage and retention of the national ideals and people of the immigration police force," he said. The prince also advised the owners of condominiums, hotels, villas, village chiefs, commune chiefs, administration posters to get the presence of foreigners or newcomers. .

Taking the opportunity, Mr. Kheng also said that he was prepared to promulgate a new sub-decree related to the imposition of fines. Conflict with the Road Traffic Act. In addition to worries about the disease, 19 deaths from traffic accidents, especially the death toll of around 5, the prince said. Every day.

Before the end of the ceremony, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior expressed the hope that all international airport gateway officers and police officers will strive to fulfill Duties and Care for Your Health Well-Protected From Cough 19 The prince also announced and provided 11,000 masks, 6,000 bottles of disinfectant gel and 800 liters of hand-washing alcohol to the post. Immigration Gate at Phnom Penh International Airport, Sihanoukville and Kក ៕ By: Kolab