PHNOM PENH: The problem is facing life's problemsParticularly vulnerable to human trafficking and labor groups attempting to smuggle across the border into Thailand, Kratom has asked authorities to: All border areas, especially the territorial administration, the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, the National Police, and other relevant officials, work together to prevent people from crossing the border. Thailand will arrest the brokers for sentencing.

On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, the Minister of Interior and the Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior HE Sar Kheng Presiding Over the Dissemination of the National Counter-Trafficking in Persons Report 2019 and the 2020 National Counter-Trafficking Committee Direction People at the Ministry of Interior.

In the beginning, Lok Chumteav Chou Bun Eng, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior and Permanent Vice-President of the National Committee Against Trafficking The latest human trafficking comes as a result of illegally crossing the border, especially from Cambodia to Thailand. As Thailand tightens its grip on the country and the border to curb the spread of the Kuwaiti 19 virus, which has demanded that its stakeholders be involved. Take care to address this new challenge as necessary.

Lok Chumteav Secretary of State also conveyed to the prince and the ceremony the results of Anti-Trafficking in Persons related to the work of the Law and Policy Regulatory Letter and Promotion of Cooperation, Prevention, Criminal Justice Response to Trafficking, Victim Protection, and Supportive Services Capacity to support at both the domestic and international level.

In 2019, the National Police Commissar General of the National Gendarmerie and the Provincial Police Commissar were investigating the crackdown on human trafficking and A total of 169 sexual exploitation cases were executed on 134 cases, up 35 from 26.11 percent for 229 suspects arrested. By 2018, it has rescued 456 victims over 230 people and convicted many of the perpetrators.

Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sar Kheng hailed the result of the fight against the spread of the disease 19 In particular, the healing of the sick and the dead, the work was emphasized as a result of the collaborative efforts. Between the government, citizens and other national and international stakeholders, especially the World Health Organization.

Nevertheless, the prince continued to urge the people and stakeholders to join in implementing measures to prevent the spread of disease. Kiev 19 goes on with the Royal Government without looking down on the situation and losing its vigilance. People seem to be loosing their hand on caution and that as long as anti-retroviral and anti-retroviral drugs have not been found, we cannot afford to neglect them. Not at all.

Regarding the fight against human trafficking, the Deputy Prime Minister commended the leaders and officials as well as all national and international partners for their support. Strive to carry out the responsibility responsibly and achieve success in the face of new challenges. The prince said that the most recent issue is the challenge of living with the people, especially the vulnerable in human trafficking The migrant workers attempted to cross the border into Thailand.

Once again, the prince asked all border authorities, especially the administration of the territories, the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, the National Police, and other relevant officials. Collaborate to prevent people smuggling into Thailand and catch brokers to prosecute. Kratom also continued to promote the promotion of risk for overseas workers in cooperation with embassies in rich countries. Workers work in a variety of ways, which can lead to vulnerability to exploitation and trafficking under various forms .

The Deputy Prime Minister also noted the result of the crackdown on human trafficking and court procedures related to the work. The occasion shows renewed support for the case-resolution campaign being chaired by the new Minister of Justice. The prince viewed the campaign as a way to address some of the inaction, such as overcrowding in prisons, which would have cost the nation money. The rights of detainees also lead to criticism from international organizations and communities.
In relation to campaigns that could lead to the release of some detainees, such as those who have served less or less severe sentences. That's why the Royal Government has already taken into account the possibility of administering and monitoring them – if they are Continue to commit a crime After freedom, the legal responsibility will be heavier.

The prince acknowledged that there could be further criticism for this work, but he encouraged the Ministry of Justice and the authorities The authorities involved are doing their best because we have already been criticized for overcrowding in prisons. Freeing some of these prisoners we will also be subject to criticism, which is typical of a democratic society – something that is important to us Follow the rules properly.

Taking the opportunity, Mr. Krasch Kheng said on the process of strict enforcement of the Road Traffic Act, which he stressed. It is significant that from May 1 to today, less than 1% of critics have misjudged the effort The efforts of the Royal Government and the traffic police. The prince reiterated that if the citizens of the passengers did not commit any wrongdoing while driving, there was no authority to interrogate the document. .

The prince expressed his delight at the lower rate of traffic accidents in the past 26 days compared to the same period in 2019 Compared to April 2020. Compared with the same period in 2019, accidents decreased by 112 times to 38%, 34 deaths were down by 26%. The number of injuries dropped by 165 to 31 percent, compared with April's 7 deaths Injuries were reduced to 82.

In view of this result, he said that the measures will not be withdrawn unless the competence is to be carried out with due care. Respect for professional ethics is gentle but firm for the support and participation of citizens.

"Right now, respecting traffic laws in Cambodia has reached a new turning point, and this is a national honor and an honor," he said To protect the life and peace of the people, we must continue this mission without retreat.

By: Kolab