Kratie: The Kratie provincial authority has said that the province has an investment companyThere are 49 economic land concessions on 198,970 hectares, growing 83,18453 hectares, 3,066 hectares of yellow bananas, and Other crops include cassava, maize, sesame and cassava, 43900 hectares of pepper, 798 hectares of cassava. 6,6509 hectares.

At the Office of the Council of Ministers this morning, June 30, 2020, a press conference on the "Progress and Further Directions of the Kratie Provincial Government" The speaker will attend HE Vanthan, Governor of the Board of Governors of the province. ”

He said Kratie province has 47714 hectares of paddy rice cultivation in 2019, accounting for 101% of the 47,000 hectares planned Paddy rice was a total of 151,141 tons

Provides sufficient supply to the province and the remaining paddy annually.

The governor also mentioned tourism as one of the priority sectors in the province, especially Kratie. The Mekong River consists of the old French colonial buildings and is a land of long history. Therefore, the province has been paying attention to promoting the development of 19 tourist sites, including more than 5 historical sites, cultural sites and nature resorts. 13 ecotourism sites and one cultural tourism destination
Koh Pdao, Koh Dach, Koh Thta, Red Thieves, Thirty-Eco-Tourism Community
In particular, the development of the Mekong River Dolphin Tourism Area is currently about 80 species of dolphins
Attracting national and international tourists to visit and enjoy tourism every year.

The Kratie Provincial Governor demonstrated the progress and recent progress of the Kratie administration through a press conference organized by the Government Spokesperson's Office on " Progress and ongoing work direction of the Kratie administration. ”

1) Agricultural and commercial expansion: Kratie province has 47,714 hectares of agricultural land, dry season rice and wet season rice 101% of the 47,000 hectares plan receives a total of 151,141 tons of paddy rice, supplies enough rice in the province and the remaining paddy annually.

There are 49 economic land concessions investment companies in the area of ​​198,970 hectares growing 83,184.53 hectares of rubber. 22,076 hectares family) 3,066 hectares of yellow banana and other crops: cassava, mackerel, cassava and sugar cane.
In addition, there are family crops, which include 43,900 hectares of cashew, 798 hectares of pepper, 66,509 hectares of cassava, and a combination of other crops. Thousands more hectares with extension, raising cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks and vegetables. Aiming to improve people's lives.

At the same time, the province has invested in three agricultural processing factories, including two cassava flour factories, one sugar mill and one sugar mill. . The province has one special economic zone on 818 hectares located in Snuol district, invested by UBU Snuol from the People's Republic of China, with Approval from the Royal Government is currently underway for the construction of 9 factories, enterprises and other development projects.

Natural Resource Protection: Kratie Province has six natural resources protected areas covering a total of 404,059 hectares located in the geographical area of ​​Snuol, Sambo and Prek. Intersection includes: Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary with 104,115 hectares, Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary with 59,301 hectares of Sambor Wildlife Sanctuary 50,093 hectares Wildlife Sanctuary Prek junction area covers an area of ​​12,770 hectares. Largest use area The Lions pillar covers 835 hectares. It covers 177,780 hectares and has nine wildlife sanctuaries.

Road construction: The province has a total infrastructure of 988.39 km, with 383.76 km of red carpet and 596 km of gravel. .10 km Road in Kratie (Concrete Rubber), length 8.52 km, 109 bridges, 4,251 m2, 374 bridges 17,268 meters with 78 dots, equal to 1,098 meters.

Currently, the construction of a 22.87-kilometer stretch of concrete road, a 317-meter-wide concrete pavement, 4.57-km-wide road maintenance and regular maintenance 39 lines 810 km long Construction of 6 Concrete Bridges, 5 Bridges on National Road 73, 460m, Grant Aid of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA); One Andong Don Bridge on 377 Provincial Road in Kratie City, 36 meters wide by 8.2 meters, costs $ 561,250 as a gift. 90% of Binh Duong province's Socialist Republic of Vietnam performed by the Department of Public Works and Transport

Construction of irrigation system to support agriculture: Kratie Provincial Department of Water Resources and Meteorology has been working hard as a Marshal for the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology; Provincial administration has rehabilitated irrigation systems and works of art, including 72 irrigation works, 181 parallel irrigation systems, total dam 73,485 meters long, 133,932 meters of main canal, 61,136 meters of secondary canal, 46 drainage structures, 77 water gates and 343 sewers.

Irrigated area across the province covers 23,897 hectares, equivalent to 50.84% ​​of the 47,000 hectares plan, including dry and wet rice. 66 farmer community, 2 hydrological stations and eight rainwater filters. The province built a river bank from 2006 to 2020 with a length of 2,476 meters.

40 Mining and Energy Sector: Currently, there are 40 mining companies licensed to explore and exploit 46 companies Cards. Six licenses of 7 mining companies are currently under exploration under the license of the Ministry of Mines and Energy. , Industry license – Gold mining company 01 company, 1st mining license, open mine license and quarry 17 19 companies, 16 mining licenses and 16 mining licenses are equivalent to 19 licenses.

Power Works: Kratie The Electricity Authority of Cambodia has issued 9 power distributors licenses, including: Electricity, Kratie, EDC 01, license under management Direct Electricity of Cambodia, which has a total of eight electricity licenses from Kratie sub-station and a private power, covers 214 villages. This represents 82.95% of the total 258 villages across the province. There was a total of 158,642,595 kilowatt-hours of electricity across the province, compared to 114,132,357 kilowatt-hours in 2018, an increase of 44,510,238 kwh. .07%.

Tourism: Tourism is one of the key priority areas of the province, especially Kratie, with dolphins building the old buildings. An old French colony and a land of long history. Therefore, the province has been focusing on promoting the development of 19 tourist sites, 5 cultural sites, 13 natural resorts and resorts. One natural culture.

The province has been trying to strengthen the five eco-tourism communities, including: the eco-tourism community, Koh Ker, Koh Rong, Koh Dach, Ta Rach, and The Thirty-Island Ecotourism Community, in particular, preserves the development of the Mekong River Dolphin Tourism Area, which currently has about 80 live dolphins. National and international tourists visit and enjoy tourism every year.

In fact, in 2019, there were 373,696 guests, of whom 26,878 international guests, up from 888 in 2018 and more. There were 346,818 nationalities, up from 49,612.

Land Dispute Resolution: As a result, Land Dispute Resolution is available to 54 Cadastral Commission Mechanisms and 98 Provincial Cadastral Commission cases received a total of 148 complaints. Of these cases, 83 cases were resolved, 81 cases were dismissed, eight were dismissed, and dismissals were made after nine separate investigations of the competent authorities. Resolved 48 cases.

Sector of Administration, Security and Public Order: The situation of security, public order, security, cooperation of citizens, and There is a responsible spirit of the local authorities and all armed forces.
The Provincial Unity Committees convened a meeting to disseminate the implementation of safe village and commune policies and put in place strict and rigorous measures. Armed forces of all kinds, along with territorial authorities at all levels, perform better security tasks.

In fact, in 2019, there were 45 offenses including 29 felonies and 16 misdemeanors. 81 drug traffickers cracked down on human trafficking and sex trafficking 10 arrested 63 women and contracted a guardian Continue. Traffic and public order remain a challenge to come up with more concrete measures to reduce the risk of harm and damage. The wealth of the people ៕

By: Mica