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A new study examining air samples with COVID-19 patients has found that the virus can travel Up to 13 feet (approximately 4 meters), twice the recommended safety gap twice People should keep themselves in public to avoid infection. According to a French publication RFI in English.

The discovery of the Kovid 19 virus in an air sample about 4 meters from a patient can be transmitted to others That was done in China by medical researchers from the Chinese Academy of Military Science, Tianjin, and the Hue Hospital. It is published in the Journal of Psychiatry The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which claims that the disease is spreading and invasive in nearly 200 countries worldwide, is available Seen in the air sample from a patient

Medical researchers conducted surface tests and air samples from the Intensive Care Unit for your general treatment room. Tuberculosis 19 at Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan. They placed a total of 24 patients between February 19 and March 2. Researchers have found that the virus is most concentrated in patients with Kovir 19, probably because of gravity. And air flow causes most viral droplets to float to the ground and floor.

Higher levels are also often found on surfaces that are frequently touched, such as a computer mouse, trash bin A rail, a bed and a door. Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) had previously denounced the virus as being found on the surface And also faces for a long time.

Researchers also warned that "more than half of the samples of ICU medical staff's shoes were tested positive. The virus. So the shoes of the medical staff alone can act as carriers of the virus. ”