Phnom Penh: The 19 Kovid Crisis has affected and affected more than 200,000 teachers and staff in Cambodia. Change teaching attitudes by adapting to new (digital) teaching methods to keep up with evolving situations.

UNESCO Information Guidelines for the Celebration of World Teachers' Day on October 5, 2020 under the Theme "Smart Teachers for Education" Smart Teachers for Digital Education Reveals 19 Coverage Affects Nearly 1.6 Billion Students at All Levels Another 63 million at the primary and secondary levels in 190 countries around the world. In Cambodia, an estimated 113,000 academic staff and 93,225 teachers were also affected by the 19 crisis.

UNESCO states: "In accordance with the implementation of the Ministry of Education by closing all schools on March 16, 2020, the Ministry of Education of Cambodia Continuing the curriculum, in which many teachers have changed their teaching attitudes to keep up with the progress. In a short time, teachers are at the forefront of education, adapting to new (digital) teaching. ” .

UNESCO said that for the transformation of teaching and learning, such as teaching and distance learning, teachers are learning in these ways, in which teachers Teachers also need to monitor students' learning directly to their homes to ensure that students are continuing their studies.

Mr. Tin Chhay Sreng, a teacher at Kork Panchan Primary School in Sangkat Choam Chao, Khan Por Sen Chey, said that during the 19-crisis crisis, the Ministry of Education closed schools. . Teaching and learning are subject to the new guidelines of the Ministry of Education, in which schools must take the documents provided by the Ministry. Distribute to students for home study every week. The teacher monitors the students' learning at home.

He continued: "We ask students to bring documents to study at home every Saturday, every week, in which we also receive Take the old work that was given last Saturday to check. We do not teach directly to students, so students also have difficulty learning.

Mr. Chhay Sreng confirmed that the payment of the base salary for teachers during the 19 crisis was not interrupted, it is still open As usual.

On September 30, the Ministry of Education announced the celebration of Teachers' Day on October 5, 2020 under the theme "Smart teachers to Digital Education »at the National Institute of Education for one day with the participation of teachers, education staff, Khmer Academic Staff Association, Higher Education Association And representatives of relevant development partners.

Ros Sovacha, spokesman for the Ministry of Education, said yesterday that there were about 120,000 teachers at all levels across the country. The Ministry of Education focuses on improving the qualifications and living standards of teachers to contribute to improving the quality of education as stated in the Education Strategic Plan. 2019-2023, which aims to join the Royal Government in the development of human capital to turn the Cambodian economy into a high middle income in the year 2030 and become a developed country by 2050.

"In this context, teachers play an important role in improving the quality of teaching and learning, especially in the context of Kovid 19 by applying the method," he said. Teaching and learning in a variety of ways, both in the classroom and online, and accompanied by the use of worksheets and textbooks. "

Mr. Sovacha said that teachers' salaries in 2015 were between more than 500,000 riels to 1.2 million riels. The salary of teachers in 2020 is between 1.2 million riels to 2.1 million riels.

"The Ministry of Education would like to thank all the teachers, professors, education staff at all levels and all stakeholders for their hard work," he said. Its duties are highly responsible and patriotic. This merit is an important contribution to improving the quality of human capital in Cambodia.

Mrs. Ouk Chhayavi, President of the Cambodian Independent Teachers Association, continued to call on the Royal Government and the Ministry of Education to pay attention to the lives and livelihoods of teachers. Teach without allowing teachers to create new careers during their teaching careers.

She continued: "The government should consider how to continue to increase the salary of teachers to 2 million riel as well, because now some teachers Not yet paid up to 2 million riel. We also want the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to be more open to the teaching of teachers, not to restrict the teaching of Khmer history. To enable students to know their history.