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A senior Ministry of Health official on the outbreak of the World Health Organization (WHO) has told the public that the HIV-19 virus has been identified. Severe airway obstruction can make it difficult for people to breathe until the air is soaked in oxygen that doctors find it difficult to save. Beyond death.

"The Death Valley: Because of the disease Kov-19 is in," said Ovandin, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. The situation is alarming globally, in the region, in countries, in communities, and in individuals. So, our citizens, especially everyone, must work hard to protect ourselves against the spread of this deadly virus The virus, which is transmitted to its own family and its community, does not contain the virus.

Today, Cambodia has identified nine new positive cases that account for 19 cases of the disease in Cambodia There were only 139 in the hospital. 129 people recovered. However, officials are still expressing concern over the outbreak of the community or the second wave.

State Vandy urged people to be very cautious of the disease. She said no one had any idea what the HIV-19 virus was like. Anywhere. "It is not known how many people are affected by the virus's presence," she said. Even the person may not be aware.

The Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health confirmed that the outbreak was caused by a lack of implementation of the infection. Proper self-defense measures, especially at high risk when mobile individuals travel from place to place, forgetting to take preventative measures Body.

"I would like to appeal and appeal to all of our citizens to defend themselves, not to forget the change Adhering to the 'New Routine', says Ms. Owenin .

"I have explained that having a negative test does not mean we don't have the virus," said a senior Ministry of Health official. This is forever. Negative, when the test only ends after the test can be transmitted to the individual at anytime, anytime and anywhere Forget it or not. ”