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Kov-19: Kov 19 continues to threaten Cambodia with the discovery of two new people carrying the virus This is from Indonesia, requiring Cambodia to exercise caution at all times. Cambodia is considered one of the successful countries in the fight against Kov-19 so far Almost all have been treated and no deaths from the virus have been reported so far.

But subsequent developments are likely to indicate that Cambodia is still at high risk for the HIV-19 epidemic Has infected nearly 8 million people and killed more than 400,000 in the world. While the Kov-19's in some parts of the world have waned, others are under attack as India and so on.

In our country, the situation of Kov-19 remains unpredictable for the future, though it is still far from Cambodia. Works well in blocking the virus. The biggest risk was the importation of cholera-19 from the outside, as air travel to Cambodia seemed to be Remarkable. The Ministry of Health said on June 14, 2020 that it had identified two new HIV-infected persons. More.

The man who was infected with HIV-19 is a 29 year old Cambodian and a 22 year old Cambodian man. Both Kampong Cham provinces. The two departed Indonesia on a direct flight to Cambodia on June 12, 2020. Both are currently hospitalized at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital. The discovery of the two new cases comes after Cambodia and France have also discovered cases of imports Thailand, too.

In light of these findings, the import of Ivory-19 from abroad is a challenge that threatens Cambodia. Time required Cambodia to take decisive action to effectively prevent Kov-19 imports from abroad. ៕ By: Collaborators