The situation of Kovid 19 in Cambodia worsened after the opening of flights to Cambodia, urging experts to warn that Community outbreaks are not uncommon in Cambodia and call on Cambodians to be more vigilant.

The Ministry of Health said on Saturday that 23 more people had been infected with the 19-virus virus, including 19 Cambodians and 4 Indonesians.

In a statement issued on July 25, the Ministry of Health said that out of 23 people, eight traveled The plane came from Indonesia via Malaysia and arrived in Cambodia on July 23.

The other 15 are from Russia and Saudi Arabia and arrived in Cambodia on July 19. . The new findings bring the total number of 19 Kovid patients found to 225, including Healed 143 people. July is the month with the most 19 cases of Kovid, with all cases related to imports. From abroad.

As the Ministry of Health has tried its best to counter the airport, it must recognize the fact that Kovi resistance D19 is complex and requires the collective participation of one in this campaign. But are we all careful enough? That answer may not be enough when we look at activities in Phnom Penh and some entertainment venues.

While some restaurants follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, many restaurants or shops are not doing well in No. For example, vendors or waiters do not wear masks, seats do not maintain a distance of two meters, no heat check or put No alcohol or antiseptic gel for guests to use.

Many people do not wear masks and do not care about the so-called social gap. All of these behaviors pose many risks that can lead to community outbreaks if we all forget. And disrespect the principle of wearing a mask, washing hands clean and maintaining social distance.

Increased detection of Kovid 19 should be able to warn all Cambodians to be extra vigilant. With the participation of all the people, Cambodia will not suffer much because of Kovid 19. But if we are careless, we will see a future that we do not want to see. That was the horrific epidemic of 19 Kovids that infected nearly 16 million people and killed more than 640,000. All over the world.