Phnom Penh: The Cambodia Real Estate Association (CREA) has made its request to banks and private microfinance institutions operating in Cambodia to respect and comply with the NBC's request for A range of fee-based services designed to help ease your clients' needs while Cambodia and the rest of the world With the spread of the COR 19.

Speaking to The Amrita Media Center, CREA Board President Kheang Puthy said he was aware of the difficulties customers of the banks and microfinance institutions are suffering from.

The National Bank of Cambodia, through its letter to the Board of Directors and the CEO of the Banking and Financial Institutions, dated April 20, 2020, and published on April 24, said that in the global context As Cambodia struggles with the spread of viruses, the NBC asks all banks and financial institutions to provide better services. In addition to customers to help alleviate their burden, especially lowering the fee associated with credit or exemption of fines for its customers from the date of issue until December 2020.
The National Bank of Cambodia highly appreciates the cooperation of banks and financial institutions that have been implementing the measures laid out in the past.

“In a situation where the world, as well as Cambodia, is experiencing the growth of Vivirov-19, the NBC asks for insight from all banks and financial institutions to provide more favorable conditions for clients to ease their burden. Another step in this difficult time, such as the reduction of fees related to credit or waiver of a fine. Different for its customers from the date of the letter until the end of December 2020.